Nizoral Shampoo recommended for hair loss


Wow, I was informed about the benefits of using this shampoo years ago but never as an anecdote to hair loss. This is good news and interesting outlook on the 2% solution being possibly harmful to your liver.

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Simply put, Nizoral shampoo is the only shampoo on the market today that can help stop hair loss. It is the single most important part of every hair loss regimen for men or women. It is marketed as an antifungal shampoo for people with dandruff. However this is not its only use.

Nizoral is primarily an antifungal shampoo that also has androgen blocking properties. This makes it an effective anti-inflammatory for hair loss sufferers. What is an androgen blocker? The most well known Androgen Blocker is Topical Spironolactone for Men and Women. Hair thins because of hormone activity in your scalp. Androgen blockers inhibit those processes. Left unchecked, inflammation takes over. Many people who start losing hair have itching, tingling, and intense irritation and even pain in their scalp.

This itch is the hallmark of Androgenetic Alopecia (thinning hair) in both men…

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Sew In HQ




Sew-In weaves have become so commonplace that people have taken to YouTube and random basements to have them done cheaply and conveniently….unfortunately for those people…..their hair looks like it was done cheap and fast.

Bulky, too-long, wig looking hair is never sexy nor cute….it should be avoided at all cost.

Your weave should look like you were born with it, or it could have grown from your particular scalp….work with me I AM going somewhere with this.

I  your are not from New Delhi or Punjab than your weave should not be 40 inches long.  If you are of African-American descent than your hair should have some texture and weight so that it blends with your hair even when humidity is high.

If your front, sides and edges are even the slightest bit thin than you should consider a closure piece because trying to cover up a track with three to four times the normal strands in density with three to four strands of hair just won’t work……if you are serious about this thing.

Natural looking bob weave

Natural looking bob weave

Opt for textured hair like relaxed hair that flat irons straight much like natural hair or Bollywood Indian Remi from or Brazilian body wave or deep wave from True Glory Hair in Georgia.  True Glory has two locations, one near Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia and the other off Cumberland Blvd in Smyrna Georgia.  The Price ranges on the very high-end for Extensions Plus add shipping unless you live in California to the very low-end, affordable range at True Glory.

Whatever you choose, have your hair installed by a professional hairstylist with experience in caring for your natural hair as well as your weave.  Hair care is essential to wearing  weave because it provides the base that secures your installation and has to be in good enough shape that it blends flawlessly with your extensions.  Dry, damaged hair that is shedding or thinning out does not make  a great base for hair extensions.

You’ve been warned!

Update your look with color

The summer has swooshed by in a nanosecond while you were busy living leaving your tresses unprepared for the Fall holiday season. Tis the season for holiday parties, gift shopping, cold weather and possibly….a Winter romance. I mean it seems like yesterday that we were welcoming in the New Year 2014, and here we are Holiday Season…ALREADY!

Well start your engines because its November 1st and theres no turning back now!!.
Lets start at the top….your hair. A simple fix to prepare for the rush of November thru New Years Day is COLOR. Whether you want to transform from light to dark or dark to light….get festive with rich mahogany or warm caramel’s or add some pumpkin spice to the ends of your Cranberry roots, you can’t go wrong just DO SOMETHING!

Sometimes all it takes is a quick pick me up with a new color glaze, a thirty minute salon service that will add shine and depth to your tired summer ends. As women, the one’s usually in charge of the holiday feast, home & office decor, school festivities and everything in between; we rarely take the time to treat ourselves because were taking care of every one else from the nice secretary at your office that works so hard helping you get things done to the family pet. Honestly FIDO gets more love than we give to ourselves.

Highlights can range from accent, meaning just a few to frame the face or a more multi-faceted approach using multiple colors for maximum blending. The former will require pretty expensive maintenance to keep those roots in step with the look but well worth the coins if you have them…and the time.

If your a mousy or dusty brown, try adding depth with a Chocolate base and hints of Caramel and Cranberry to break up the density and add texture without adding highlights. Its a great look that will have your co-workers wondering…..’did you do something different with your hair’?

All and all, have some fun this fall with a splash of color or just drench it in Chocolate…sounds delicious doesn’t it!!!

The Big Chop!

Yep, I did it!
This is what too much time and my child’s craft scissors created one night in my bathroom. After removing my weave, after months with no relaxer and the havoc copper highlights reaped on my hair…I went IN. Totally sober, conscious and sane; I grabbed the biggest bunch of hair I could hold and chopped.

Do Not Attempt this at home…I am a licensed professional (sometimes).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a single salon tool when I lost my mind in my bathroom, but at least the Fiskar’s were new. What I have learned over the years is if you can cut hair you can use anything.


Bye Bye Weave…this week anyway!!
Wend Moore

Stay tuned.

creativity abounds

Tattoo’s and Hairstylist

It is true, Hairstylist are a creative bunch…myself included, after all we are right-siders! Right side of the brain that is: Art, Music, Creativity, Contextual, Social, Abstract, Imaginative, Intuitive, Expressive…….all natural functions!

Yet, after twenty-five years in the business, I haven’t a single tattoo! Why??, as much as I appreciate the beauty and skill that goes into these 3D art installations, my left side just won’t let me….not yet anyway!


creativity abounds

creativity abounds

I have been told I live a balanced life brain-wise; equal parts logical, analytical, and literal in harmony with my expressive imagination and artistic ability.  How else would I have survived business school and years of salon management.  My background is also equal parts ‘Military’ (my father) and ‘Religious’ (my mother) so my issue was mostly born out of fear!


My generation, forty something, usually had to sneak and get a tattoo and then hide it until you were grown or moved out of our parents house.  This generation tattoos tear drops and music symbols on their face….times have changed.  FOR SURE!

More and more I am noticing sleeves, back pieces, neck pieces etc. at beauty industry events, most recently at a #NickArrojoExpo event here in Atlanta.  Most of the stylist in the room and on stage were covered in artwork; some good and some…….questionable but I’m sure meaningful!!!




I saw lots of shears or scissors, shears through hearts, flowers, skulls you name it.  I was so fascinated I stopped looking at the hair and panned down to see what inspired these stylist so much that they had to see it every day ON THEIR BODIES!  Unknown-1

What stood out the most; hairstylist are proud to be hairstylist and want to show the world…blow dryers, combs, and cosmetics take center stage.  Quotes run a close second with affirmations of ‘Peace’ , ‘Love’ and ‘Harmony’…none of which you find in hair salons btw!

What would my mother say if I donned a chest piece with a lipstick palate and dueling blow dryers….she’d probably think #Ibeendrinkin’


Maybe I’ll take my mom with me when I finally decided to do it….who knows

Kim K Balmain Muse

Kim K-West Muse Master

Kim K-West Muse Master

Proof you’ve made it is when you are perched front-row and center for Paris’ Couture Fashion week and hanging out with Iconic designer Valentino for kicks and giggles.

More proof….Your wearing an outfit from your bestie and Balmain designer, Olivier Rousteing, that was inspired by you and modeled by your baby sister (Kendall Jenner) in his Paris runway presentation.




Hudson’s Hair #Winning

Although I am not the biggest fan of Jennifer Hudson’s music mostly because I don’t think she’s found her voice…figuratively speaking. I am a huge fan of the dedication and commitment it took to whip that body into shape and an even greater fan of that banging haircut! No matter my opinion of the music…her voice is remarkable, I just hope the right songwriter and producer appear quickly to transform her essence into music!

But until then, behold!

Regina Hall Shines

#BETAwards Hair; Fab or Fail??

Not this time Zendaya,  this is what happens when you get an #BETAwards invite and take it literally!  Her stylist is NOT her friend but her #MUA loves her!  At second glance her braids are cute just not under THIS hat with THIS outfit! To be fair #FAB Hair & Make Up;  #FAIL on the outfit!la-et-bet-awards-2014-red-carpet-pictures-016


Lover her or hate her, Kenya Moore shines in coral!



Terri Seymore, again, fishtail braids and red carpets just don’t match but then, neither does her appearance at this event…la-et-bet-awards-2014-red-carpet-pictures-004




Tamara Mowry-Housley looks radiant, I love this look on her;  the color, shine, soft-flowing weave #FABla-et-bet-awards-2014-red-carpet-pictures-009


Does Charlie Baltimore have an album coming out???


Michelle, looking very thin in teal, I love teal but I don’t love the dress;  perhaps cutlets for the bodice…..the hair would have been fine if she were going to the movies……#FAIL!la-et-bet-awards-2014-red-carpet-pictures-023


Gabby,  No to the hair!  No to the dress! and No to the corny presentation speech! well it was kinda funny just a little awkward considering relationships isn’t her forte….   Perhaps they should have invited #MaryJane…well, maybe not lol Love you girl! #FAIL  but your #FAB



Regina Hall, YES GAWD!  Everything about her look said ‘Out of the way Bitches’  #FAB #thatshowyouwork #RedCarpetRealness #BobOgraphy #BobLove


LOLO JONES……..although I am a big fan of the fishtail braid, it is NOT award show worthy unless done MUCH MORE dramatically….so #FAIL

la-et-bet-awards-2014-red-carpet-pictures-034 images-3

The Red carpet came to a screeching halt when Ms. Ashanti rolled up with this thing on her head….I Just…. I Can’t with her!  Such a pretty girl, great body, talented artist, so so taste in men but I digress;  we have got to do better on this hair! #FAIL



All hail the Pink Princess of Hip Hop and her very fabulous, toned-down style but still turned-up attitude (see acceptance speech… all shade and HilArious) Love her new hair and make up looks.  Her BET look was no exception….FAB!


Af first glance I thought this was Beyonce Circa Momma Knowles styling days, on second glance I realize Idk who the hell this is but she’s giving Big, Curly ,Sexy hair and I’m not mad at the hair …..Just the outfit!


Ledisi gave us natural hair fabulous-ness, although I was NOT a fan of her Lionel Richie performance…she tried!


Fab side ponytail and make up for Jeannie Mai …I dug her whole look, a definite top five!images-2